Art Residence


Sortavala is a multi-cultural town with rich and complicated history – it houses more than 200 objects of cultural and historic heritage, more than any place in Karelia.

Many beautiful buildings that were constructed in the end of XIX and beginning of XX century by prominent Finnish architects  represent  diversity of styles from national romanticism to functionalism.

At the beginning of XX century Sortavala was known as “singing town on the Ladoga lake” and played the central role in the development of Karelianism — a major cultural trend in Finland. Artists, scientists and writers travelled across Karelia and explored its natural landscapes and cultural traditions.

    Sortavala lies on the bank of Ladoga lake – the largest lake in Europe.  It has regular connection with Valaam, and is very close to National Park “Ladoga skerries”.

Art Residence:

Art Residence is located in the centre of Sortavala in a historical building Seurahuone which also houses “Social and cultural youth centre” with a number of studios and clubs where residents can meet local schoolchildren, students and staff of the centre.  Living and working areas of the residence has separate entrance from the backyard, right on the Ladoga shore. Within the walking distance from the AR one can find  the  library, music school with concert hall, art school with ceramic studio and etching press, museum of local history of Nortern Ladoga Region.

AR offers  to residents:

— room  40 square meters (separate living and working areas);

— two beds (sleeping area with 1 window 4.5m\2.5m);

— work desk in a well-lit studio with 3 windows (5.3 m\4.5 m) (other equipment and materials can be arranged if discussed in advance);

— computer with Adobe Illustrator CC+Photoshop CC;

— projector and screen;

— kitchen  (cooker, water boiler, main water supply);

— toilet room with and shower and washing machine;

— Internet access;

— first line accommodation –  entrance is facing Ladoga embankment.

Goal of the Residence:

— to maintain creative environment  for  cross-cultural communication and dialogue between culture and everyday life;

— to provide support for contemporary artists of all ages, genres, origins and backgrounds.

     — AR positions itself as a platform for multi-discipline initiatives providing opportunities for  studies in diverse areas through:

—   visual art (painters, photographers, graphic artists);

— performance, site specifiс art, theatre, dance, Open air.

Residence programs are focused on studies of local context, with emphasis on young artists at the beginning of their art career.